Goldmas Premium Red

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    Sustainable nutrition

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    Activated phosphate

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    Organic Chelated TE

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    Acid Ammoniation Process

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    Multiple Nitrogen Synergy


This product is exclusively designed and formulated based on the characteristics and needs of the palms, as well as the soil condition. Hence, it is well-target and simultaneously has wide application.

Premium Red is added with macronutrients Magnesium Sulfate and root boost stimulant factor, which is conducive to root growth. It also improves crops resilience and resistance to various diseases, and eventually contribute to high yield.

This product can enhance the activity of enzyme within the crop to promote photosynthesis and thus enabling active synthesis and transportation of carbohydrates and protein. As the tree trunk or stalk grows stronger, the nutrients can be transmitted to the fruit more effectively and contribute bigger-sized and higher-quality fruits. 

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