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About Us

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Established in 2012, Huachang Growmax (formerly known as Grow Max Agriculture) is a dynamic local fertilizer company that rises rapidly within the industry. Our reputation is founded on the integrity of uncompromising high-quality products and commitment to excellence in services to our customers. Huachang Growmax Agriculture was initially a fertiliser trading company. As the company upholds its mission to provide the best for the benefit of farmers, it dedicates to move forward to handle both production and sales of manufactured products.

In 2013, Huachang Growmax set up its own factory (2 acres) in Jenjarom, Selangor, to integrate the entire process of processing, packaging, warehousing, logistics, quality management and sales, in order to provide one-stop marketing services to the customers. The office is located in Bandar Baru Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

In addition, Huachang Growmax adheres to technological innovation to constantly create value for the farmers. We cooperate with local and foreign universities, as well as research centres to practically apply the result on the spot. This enables our company to meet the needs of farmers and plantations through designing customised and high-quality products. We believe that by integrating green innovations, we can bring forth the best products and farming experience to our customers.

In the future, Huachang Growmax will continue to commit to producing the best products by integrating technological research with green innovation, enabling the customers to cope with the increasingly complex challenges of the natural environment and to harvest abundantly.

HuaChang Growmax aims to be a leading local agricultural technology company with global aspirations, effectively pursuing growth opportunities and maximizing returns to the stakeholders while remaining socially and environmentally responsible.

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Our Strengths in Fertiliser Market are:

1. Experience

Our managing director, Mr Ngan Tin Kong has more than 15 years of experience in the fertiliser business. Previously, he served as Marketing Director in Yinpolin, which is a 30-year-old branded fertiliser company. His expertise in marketing strategy and knowledge in oil palm plantation management has enabled Huachang Growmax to gain a foothold in the market.

2. Supplier

We constantly engage with local and international suppliers to ensure and maintain high quality products. We are working closely with Phosphate Resources Malaysia to provide good quality rock phosphate supply to the Malaysia agriculture sector. Phosphate Resources Malaysia is the sole producer of Christmas Island Rock Phosphate (CIRP) in the world. In terms of other local suppliers, we established good business relations with Agromate, Agrifert, Hap Seng, Behn Meyer, etc. Meanwhile, some of our goods are imported from China, Egypt, Pakistan, Europe etc.

3. Target Customers

We focus on small holders, FFB dealers, medium sized plantation and government agency tender as our potential customers.

4. Coverage Area

Our business region is mainly targeted on West Malaysia. Several strategic distribution points have been set up. We manage the distribution points through active cooperation with local entrepreneurs. A few main distribution points are Sri Jaya, Triang, Sitiawan and Batu Pahat. We are currently seeking a chance to expand our business to East Malaysia and Indonesia.

5. Technical partner

Besides business opportunities, we are actively involved in academic research. University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus has become our partner in terms of product innovation. Professor Lam Han Loong is one of our leading research partners as well as our R & D advisor. Our joint venture with Huachang Chemical also has brought us some state of the art fertiliser technologies from China.

6. Product analysis

Our products are regularly sent for lab analysis for strict quality control. Besides that, we also assist customers to run a series of field tests to monitor their oil palms condition. We are capable of doing frond tests, soil tests and pH tests.

7. Major Products

We also specialised in:
Bulk blending and mixture fertilisers.
Compacted compound fertilisers.
Christmas Island Rock Phosphate, minimum 30% P205.
Ammonium Sulphate, minimum 21% N with organic matters.
Ammonium Chloride, minimum 25% N.
Bio organic compound fertilisers.
Premium imported NPK compound fertilisers