Goldmas Premium Yellow

  • Percise Nutrition Control

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    Sustainable nutrition

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    Activated phosphate

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    Organic Chelated TE

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    Acid Ammoniation Process

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    Multiple Nitrogen Synergy

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    Effective Sulphate

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    Super Nitrate

Pure potassium sulfate for higher efficiency: To significantly increase the content of protein, Vitamin C and so forth to improve the overall quality and flavor of crops. Activation of Effective-Sulfate to elevate the ionic forms of AS and SOP to contribute more effective cations for promoting synergistic absorption of nutrients. Trace elements to improve quality and efficiency: Rich in Mg, Zn, B, Fe and other organic chelated TE; a nutritionally balanced fertilizer to improve quality of crop in terms of its appearance and taste, as well as to increase its resilience. It also enables crop to be marketed earlier. Nutritional balance, wide usage: suitable for cucumber, eggplant, durian, dragon fruit, watermelon and other fruits and vegetables.

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